Welcome to The Fairway To Forever – Heather Downs Country Club

Your Dream Wedding Awaits Amongst Twilight-Kissed Greens


Fairway To Forever

At Heather Downs Country Club, we understand that your wedding day is the start of your most beautiful journey together. Nestled within our treelined fairways, The Fairway to Forever offers an enchanting outdoor setting where every moment feels like a scene from a fairy tale.

Celebrate Love in Nature’s Embrace Picture this: as the sun dips below the horizon and twilight softly blankets the sky, you take your first steps down an aisle embraced by nature. Our meticulously manicured greens create a lush backdrop while gentle breezes whisper through ancient trees - setting a romantic stage at our idyllic alter.

As daylight fades and stars begin to twinkle above, you exchange vows amidst the serene beauty of Toledo’s most picturesque venue. At The Fairway to Forever, each ‘I do’ echoes with promise beneath open skies.

Grandeur Meets Grace Inside Our Grand Ballroom

After basking in outdoor splendor, lead your guests into opulence inside our Grand Ballroom for an evening filled with celebration. Accommodating 25-250 cherished friends and family members comfortably seated under elegant chandeliers casting soft glows over tasteful décor — every element conspires to make memories that last forever.

With ample space for dining and dancing amid its sophisticated ambiance—your reception will be as grand as your love story deserves!

Come See The Grounds

Exclusive Features at The Fairway To Forever:

  • Breathtaking tree line view along well-groomed fairways.
  • Charming altar set against natural scenic vistas.
  • Indoor receptions hosted in our capacious Grand Ballroom.
  • Complimentary Bridal Suite.
  • Tailored wedding packages offering culinary delights & personalized services.
  • Full-Service on-site catering.

Our team at Heather Downs Country Club dedicates itself to perfection on all fronts—from planning assistance by experienced coordinators who attend diligently to details; top-tier catering crafting delectable menus; ample facilities ensuring comfort—and so much more!

Begin Your Ever After With Us! Reach out today for availability, pricing or schedule a tour through what could be—the perfect canvas upon which you'll paint beginnings anew… Here on The Fairway To Forever, where love stories are not just celebrated—they're made legendary.

Contact us now—to reserve these magical moments bound within everlasting vows.