Welcome to The Millie Benson Room at Heather Downs – Your Ideal Event Space

Simple Charm & Natural Beauty

  • Millie Benson Room for 48 people at your next event

    Millie Benson Room for 48 people at your next event

The Millie Benson event space 

Heather Downs invites you to celebrate your special occasions surrounded by the natural charm of our tree-lined golf course. Overlooking 10th hole tee box and our "Fairway to Forever" wedding garden. Tucked behind our "master" fireplace is the Millie Benson terrace. This unique space offers versatility and beauty, making it perfect for any type of event.

Events Tailored Just For You Our picturesque terrace is ready to host your next gathering with style and ease:

  • Birthdays: Enjoy laughter under open skies in a celebration tailored just for you.
  • Baby Showers: Gather with loved ones as you await new life amidst calming greenery.
  • Anniversaries: Share intimate moments enveloped by the soft glow of sunset.
  • Retirement Parties: Honor years of dedication within this peaceful setting.
  • Holiday Parties & Graduations: Celebrate achievements against nature’s own backdrop.
  • Corporate Functions: Provide a refreshing change of scenery that invigorates and inspires.

Whether it's an intimate family affair or an elaborate party, The Terrace adapts gracefully—ensuring comfort, elegance, and joy blend seamlessly into your event.


gatherings of up to 48 guests

  • The Millie Benson Room caters effortlessly to intimate gatherings of up to 48 guests, ensuring a cozy yet sophisticated ambiance for you and your loved ones. Its unique character is matched only by its flexibility—a testament to it being more than just an event space but rather part of your story. With every detail considered, we provide full catering services featuring gourmet cuisine that will delight palates and beverage options tailored to elevate any occasion.

    We invite you not only into our venue but into an experience woven with memorable moments waiting for you at Heather Downs Country Club's very own historic haven—the Millie Benson Room. Whether celebrating beginnings or reminiscing about journeys thus far traveled together, this banquet hall stands ready as the stage for all of life’s precious milestones ahead.

This event space is available for rent, please contact us for a tour and pricing details.


Celebrating Millie Benson: The Original Ghostwriter of Nancy Drew

The Spirited Legacy of Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson

Mildred Augustine Wirt Benson, fondly remembered as Millie by those who admired her work, was more than just an author; she was a pioneer in children’s literature and a trailblazer for female journalists. Her legacy is indelibly linked with the creation of one of fiction's most iconic characters—Nancy Drew.

A Pen Name Heard Around the World Under the pen name Carolyn Keene, bestowed upon her by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, Millie breathed life into Nancy Drew between 1929 and 1947. She penned 23 out of the first 30 mysteries that introduced generations to this plucky young detective — a role model whose adventurous spirit mirrored that of her creator.

These books weren't just popular; they were phenomena. They sparked imagination in readers worldwide and solidified their place on bestseller lists during their heyday—and well beyond.

From Mysteries to Newsprint Millie's talents extended far beyond crafting tales for eager minds. In 1944 she joined Toledo Blade where her storytelling continued but took on new forms – from capturing human interest stories to reporting hard-hitting news events—all while breaking gender barriers along way.

In 1950 love story unfolded within walls newspaper when married George A., then editor at Toledo Blade couple shared passion words commitment community which reflected through collaborative efforts.

During later years '90s specifically initiated weekly column "On Go" This vibrant piece captured essence travels adventures anecdotes life led actively until very end also maintained role writing obituaries demonstrating depth versatility skill as writer

Today we honor memory resilient woman behind beloved sleuth—as steadfast dedication craft truth authenticity Continue inspire future writers everywhere embrace challenge opportunity leave lasting impact world around them.